Kevin Kitchin for State Senate District 16

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About Kevin

I’m a 30-year Naval Aviation veteran whose new mission is to help right the ship. Maine is headed in the wrong direction, and I’ll fight every day to lower taxes, protect your freedoms, and better educate our kids.

I’d be honored to earn your VOTE in the JUNE 14th Republican Primary!”

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We have qualified for the Maine Clean Elections funding thru June 14th. We will continue to gather $5.00 donations from any registered voter in Waterville, Winslow, Oakland, Fairfield or Albion in anticipation for the general election come November. Every Five Dollar Contribution counts towards our next round of funding.

If you want CHANGE in Augusta, and a voice that will represent the people, then please consider donating today. 

What I Will Fight For

Protect our constitutional rights

And STOP government overreach. Ensure our 2nd Amendment rights are not infringed upon.

Rein in spending and fight for lower taxes

Demand a well-managed and supportable budget.

Better education
for our kids

To include trade schools and higher pay for educators. Transparency in the classroom.

Support our Police

Reduce crime by focusing on interdiction, drug intervention/prevention, and local collaboration.

Economic growth

Support small business owners, our mill workers, and make our area a destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Support our veterans!

Kevin is 30-year veteran of Naval Aviation and will always be there for fellow veterans.


Be a strong voice in Augusta that will fight for families and farmers affected by PFAS contamination.


Kevin needs your help to keep our district strong and well represented.

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